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Science 8th Grade
Instructor: Peacock, Marsha L.   
Welcome to our 8th Grade Science class webpage.   This year, we will explore the following topics: “Earth’s Biological History” (Earth’s biological diversity over time); “Earth’s Structure and Processes” (materials and processes that alter the structure of Earth); “Astronomy: Earth and Space Systems” (characteristics, structure, and motions of celestial bodies in the universe); “Forces and Motion” (effects of forces on the motion of an object); and “Waves” (properties and behaviors of waves). Please visit our page regularly for updates.
Grading Policy: Students will explore science through a variety of projects, classwork, writing assignments, homework, and tests. Grades will be assigned according to grading scale of the Science Department. The following activities will be assessed:
Homework 10%               Labs 20%           Tests 40%             Classwork/Projects/Quizzes 30%

Contact Information: I can be reached at 803-663-4300 daily, from 1:14- 2:14, and after school until 4:00pm.  I can also be reached at anytime at my email address: mpeacock@aiken.k12.sc.us
Week of April 18
Monday- Wednesday: Synergistic LAB

Thursday: Discuss divisions of time and Major eras of geologic history

Friday: Create a timeline outlining events from the geologic timescale. SQUIRREL ISLAND PROJECT DUE
Week of April 11
Monday- Biodiversity: Natural selection, adaptations and variations**
Tuesday through Friday- Synergistic LAB**

**Students will be working on an ongoing project called Squirrel Island that is due on April 22nd**
Discussion Topics
Waves powerpoints and activities
Waves Project PPT
Galaxy Web Quest- Nov. 24, 2015
 Radio Waves(1).docx
Waves Project Rubric
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